About Mary Malarsie

Independent Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives

My name is Mary Malarsie. I grew up on a 500-acre ranch in SW Colorado, north of Durango. I still reside in Durango. My four older brothers and I were raised with a strong work ethic. As anyone who has had a family ranch knows, perhaps a “Jack of all Trades” is what I am most. Since the ranch is a family owned endeavor, I have learned to deal with others and their ideals which I see as a valuable skill, especially in Congress.

My father lived through the depression and was a WWII Veteran. He got his Petroleum Engineering Degree from UNM after returning from the Navy after the war. My mother was from a family who homesteaded in the high mountains near Cloudcroft, NM. Both my parents put themselves through college and met while working in the dining hall at UNM. They instilled in me a sense of honesty, fairness, and commitment to a job well done which I am very grateful for.

I do not have a law degree, but since the U.S. House of Representatives is full of attorneys, I believe I would be a refreshing addition. I have dealt with many legal matters in business as I was previously self-employed. At the present time, I manage several Trusts and Partnerships. My work involves oil and gas, water rights, grazing permits, real estate, and investments just to name a few.

I started toying with the idea of running for the U.S. House of Representatives during a recent visit to Washington, DC, over Veteran’s Day in November 2017. My niece and her husband are both in the US Air Force and had been transferred to Washington DC; he to work at the Pentagon (PhD in math), her to go to the American Defense University to study Cyber Strategy. They stay up late and get up early to work on their job related “homework”, spending everyday with our nation as their top priority.

Their dedication and sacrifice made me feel idle and motivated me. While in our capital, I saw many historical places, and thought of all the selfless commitment and energy those who have come before us have put into this experiment of democracy. Life changing decisions get made in Washington, DC, for better or worse, and I want to be a part of it. I would like to add some common sense and pragmatism to the broken two-party system that we now have.

To hold laws and votes hostage, combining separate issues into one messy ball of partisanship, talking all the time but saying nothing, is not working for me, nor is it working for our country. As an Independent, I want what is good for the country and the people, not a political party.

My Position on the Issues

The Military

There has always been one or more of my extended family in the military. Not all of them came out entirely intact. I thank God every day that people are willing to defend this country, with their lives if necessary. Not many are willing to do that. I am a U.S. Marine Corps mother twice over, both my sons chose infantry; one went to Afghanistan after 9/11 and is now a civilian. My youngest son is still in the Marines. I am very supportive of the U.S. Military.

Having a strong military is important and can be used defensively as well as offensively. In regard to the military I believe the inability for Congress to pass a federal budget is hampering the effectiveness and future of our people in uniform. I would like to work on the Budget Control Act and the budget caps and across the board budget cuts.

Working with our own personal budgets, who would like to be told to slash everything by a certain percentage no matter how important or not important it is. It is the same concept, just with trillions of dollars. Although the 2018 budget recently passed, I would like to work on the Budget Control Act and the budget caps and across the board budget cuts.  Budget cuts and sequestration are still in place until 2021. I don’t see how the military can look into funding new projects or stabilizing maintenance if no one knows when or how much money will be available.

Mental Health & Gun Control

Americans, regardless of income, need mental health availability if they need it.  I do believe gun violence is a mental health issue.  Obviously rational people do not randomly kill people.  I don’t know why, but the gun violence of the past 20 years is a cultural phenomenon.  People were not doing this 40-50 years ago.  My husband used to take his guns on the school bus if he was spending the night with someone and they were going hunting that weekend.  No one thought that was odd.

I think social media has something to do with it.  A person can get online and say just about anything and someone will agree with them.  It is totally different than looking someone in the eye and having a conversation. It adds to the isolation.  When I was raised my parents had friends everywhere and if I was doing something odd they would say something at the time or tell my parents.  People got involved with other people.  People helped other people.

If a child was suffering mentally or socially or physically it was not unusual for someone to reach out and talk to them.  People should not be so self occupied that they ignore others.  I do not believe gun control is the answer.  There is always going to be an underground market where if a person needs really wants to get a gun they can make it happen.  People who want to harm others will find a way.

Responsible gun owners follow the rules and will be penalized for someone else’s bad choices.  Longer and more intensified background checks would be justified.  The Florida School shooter and the Texas church shooter are two prime examples of where authoritative agencies didn’t follow up or didn’t report what they should have.  The background system needs to be accurate and complete and available for all gun sales people to use.  It would be ideal if everyone shouting about gun control knew what they were talking about.  A lot of gun control advocates don’t know anything about make, models, or ballistics.  Too much Hollywood.

Pro Life or Pro Choice

I am not Pro Life. Perhaps if all the Pro Life people would volunteer to take and raise all these unwanted children so they don’t have to grow up in homes with drugs, poverty, abuse it would solve part of the problem.  Every woman should have the choice to do what they think best.  That said, I am a huge proponent of birth control and education.  In this day and age, no one should be having unwanted children.  Accidents happen I understand.  There are many ways to prevent them however, the first is using good judgment.


I think discrimination against any religion, race, or gender choice is horrible.  We are all human first of all, and should be treated with respect.

Term Limits

I do not think the founding fathers of our nation wanted to keep the members of Congress year after year after year. New thoughts and ideas that come with new members are paramount to ending age-old party animosity and the ruts Congress has fallen into when dealing with each other. It seems more time gets spent on a member’s next campaign than actually doing the job of representing Americans.

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